Tigers at Theale Day Nursery

Tigers at Theale Day Nursery is a friendly and homely setting within the busy village of Theale, right next to the M4 motorway with excellent traffic and rail links. Theale has a great sense of community and the nursery uses the facilities and resources available to promote the children’s care and education with visits to the local library, shops, post office and train station to encourage children’s interests and develop their understanding.

We have a really friendly and welcoming environment for our children and families, and many younger siblings join us after seeing their older brothers and sisters have fun with Tigers. We are extremely proud that many families use us time and time again and we actively promote that continuity with strong relationships with families. Most of our families join us through prior knowledge or on the recommendation of their own families or friends, which contributes to our homely and relaxed feel.

Many of our staff team at Tigers at Theale have been with the setting for many years, gaining new qualifications and experiences over time to ensure the children are given the best care and education possible. Staff have access to online training courses as well as places reserved for them at Tigers Training Centre for all courses provided, ensuring they have the most up to date and detailed knowledge of all aspects of childcare and education. The staff have a detailed knowledge of the EYFS curriculum and know how to meet the needs of rapidly developing children through play activities such as painting, messy play, outdoor fun and imaginative games. For our Pre-School children we offer extra activities such as dance, science classes and French to support their all round development and preparation for school. With free flow facilities in our downstairs rooms to allow children direct access to the garden, the children can learn to develop their independence and making their own, safe choices and preferences. We support independence throughout the setting ensuring resources are stored at children’s heights so they can self-select what they would like. Water is available at all times for children to help themselves to and we promote self service at mealtimes while children develop their own sense of themselves and what they like and dislike. Sensitive staff support this and will encourage children to try new experiences and foods within trusting relationships to support their developing confidence and self-esteem.

Our cook is extremely experienced and provides home cooked and nutritious meals for every child. We are happy to cater for children with allergies or intolerances and will provide special diets for those children who follow a particular religion. The cook spends time in the room with the children, baking with them and ensuring they have an understanding of basic nutrition

Children are cared for in small groups in up to four base rooms with equipment, toys and resources suitable for their stage of development and with staff who are knowledgeable about the care they need to support them. Groups of children spend time together in mixed age groups for short periods of time, as they would do in their own families to support and encourage children’s understanding of others and their social development.

We use a key worker system to ensure all children’s individual needs are met and their interests are developed through interesting planned activities and opportunities. Staff can share their knowledge of the children’s learning on a regular basis with parents and parents at Theale are extremely active in contributing to their children’s learning by providing photos and observations of their child from home. We support parents to be part of their children’s day by extending invitations for them to spend time in the nursery celebrating events and taking part in activities.

Our latest news

Our Preschool children have been enjoying their new construction site this week! They have been learning the names of lots of differant tools and what they are used for, exploring new textures and discussing with their friends what they can build.

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Just a reminder that sports day will be taking place on Friday 20th July at 3:45. This will be held at Theale Green School just along the road from our nursery. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

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Tigers at Theale

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